What to Say When Someone Loses a Pet – A Help in the Grief

Console with a condolence message to someone who lost a pet
By Mousumi Mazumdar Updated

Losing a pet can be just as hard as losing a family member from life. You may not know what to say when someone you know loses his/her beloved pet, so try to acquire knowledge to console a mourning friend without polite behavior. In that situation, try to stand on the place of the bereaved friend and share your condolence by consoling words and generous actions.

Role of a Pet in the Owner’s Life

Void place in the life of the owner who lost a pet

A cute puppy or a kitten may bring the same smile to your face which an innocent newborn human baby brings. Pets become the most sensitive and loyal friend, as compared to human beings. They are always praised and remembered for their faithfulness and honesty afterlife. The family routine changes and sorrow are triggered in life after the loss of a pet who is similar to the child of the owner.

Words to Share When Someone Loses a Pet

It’s quite natural to have less knowledge about what to say when someone loses a pet and how to ease out the agony of the grieving person because you may not have experienced the loss of pet. You can share kind and polite words and try to recall the beautiful memories of the pet of your friend which are eternal. Bestow love and care, just in a few words without hurting the sentiment of your grieving friend. You may use these examples given below to console the bereft pet owner:

  1. “I am really sorrowful for the loss of your parrot. Her sweet voice is engrossed in my memory.”
  2. “I am really miffed to hear the death news of sniffy. She was not only a pet rabbit but was like a child to you. I pray to God for the peace of her spirit.”
  3. “Johnny was such an amazing watch-dog. His loyalty and intelligence will be missed forever.” 
  4. “Heartfelt condolences to your kitty. I am really sorrowful for her demise at an early age.”
  5. “Losing a loyal friend is really not easy and I can feel your pain. Your pup was always with you in the good and bad times. Sincere sympathy for your loss.”
  6. “Puffy was really very lucky to have the family members like you and your wife. You both nourished him like a kid and you never differentiated Puffy with your children. His demise saddened me and the other neighbors in the community.”
  7. “Your canine friend was one of the sensitive members of your family. His loyalty will always be appreciated after his departure. Honest Condolences.”
  8. “Please don’t blame yourself, Clara. You tried your best to cure your four-legged companion from skin cancer, but no one can fight with the harsh destiny. Lots of love and prayers.”
  9. “Nowadays, beasts teach the beauty of the earth with their trustworthiness, loving and protecting attitude. Your pet was one of them and his demise is a pathetic incident for us.”
  10. “I will really miss your little friend, Goldie. She was the brightest Goldfish in the aquarium.”
Condolence to someones who loses a pet fish

Helpful Activities to Support the Grieving Friend Who Has Lost a Pet     

Along with the sympathy messages, you may also offer genuine support to your friend with a kind gesture of love and care. You may ask, what they need and assist them in every possible way:

  1. Accompany them to remove the toys, bedding, food bowls and clean the room of the demised pet if the bereft wants. This may help the bereaved to forget the despair.
  2. Listen to the painful words and inner sorrow of your surviving friend and don’t try to change the subject because the distraction may not be liked by the bereft.
  3. Make arrangements for the funeral or host the memorial service of the pet which might be the best help to your mourning friend.
  4. Cheer up the children of the pet owner. Smile in the face of the children may ease the pain of the parents in that time.
    Try to cheer up the child who loses a pet
  5. Cook meals for the family and also serve. This may reduce the work pressure of the grieving person.
  6. Take care of the children and other members of the family if the bereft is in a distressed condition. It might be a great support in the time of grief.
  7. Donate a little amount on the name of the pet-oriented charity that helps animals. This will be a noble gesture of respect and love to the demised pet and its owner.
  8. Regularly call the bereaved or send a message if you cannot visit his or her place because of any reason. It will show your warm affection and worry for the person who lost his/her pet.
  9. Send or carry flower bouquet with condolence letter to show eulogy for the pet. It can be a kind gesticulation for a survivor who lost a pet.Carry flowers at a funeral for the departed pet
  10. Send email or e-sympathy card if you stay far from the city of the mourning friend. It will express your care to the grief-stricken person from a distance.
  11. Offer a sum of money on the name of the demised pet; this may show your affection.
  12. Plant a tree in the garden or terrace of your surviving friend. The sweetness of the fruits and fragrance of the flower will always keep the memory of the four-legged companion alive.
  13. Chant Bible on the name of the demised pet in the house of the bereft and offer prayers. It may provide peace to the innocent soul.

Sympathy Letter to Someone Whose Pet has Died

Share Sympathy Letter or Card with Someone Who Has Lost a Pet

You may also write a sympathy letter in a condolence card and send to your mourning friend if you cannot visit his or her house. You may also share the sympathy card with the condolence gift while visiting the house of the bereft. The letter can be formal or personal, but the words of empathy should show the sorrow acknowledging your empathy towards the person who has lost a pet. Take time to write the natural consoling words and express your concern through the letter.

Example 1:

Dear Jim,

I was deeply agonized after hearing the loss of your little pup, Max. He was such a cute and intelligent puppy, and I really can understand he meant a lot to you. He was loyal and friendly to every family member. His memories are engrossed in my heart, and I can’t forget them ever in my life. Please accept the Remembrance Photo Album where you will get many pictures of Max. It will be my honor if I can help you by any possible way. Just call or message me anytime you want.

With Love,

Example 2:

Dear Sophia,

I am really sorrowful to hear about the demise of your cat, Betsy. I know she was an important member of the family and it is hard for you to accept her departure. I heard your kitty was suffering from a severe influenza and veterinary doctors were unsuccessful to recover her. Don’t blame yourself because you have tried your best to save Betsy. I am earnestly regretful to share my condolence. Please call or let me know if you require anything. It will my pleasure to support you.

Warm Regards and Sympathy,

Sympathy Gifts to Send When a Friend Loses a Pet

Send condolence gift to someone who loses a pet

Sometimes, sympathy gifts can also help ease the ache in the heart of the bereft along with the condolence messages or sympathy letters. The gifts are the best way to show regard to the demised pet and care to the pet owner. You may share these sympathy gifts as a token of love:

  • Framed Clay Paw Imprint
  • Painted Portrait of the Beloved Pet
  • Flower Bouquet with a Message of Peace
  • Books on Coping with the Loss of Pet
  • Garden Statue of a Pet
  • Memorial Yard Stone of the Pet
  • Voice or Video Recording of the Pet
  • Scrap Book or Album with the Pictures of the Pet
  • Personalized Pet Loss Photo Frame
  • Handmade Sympathy Card
  • Pet Cremation Urn Box
  • Capital on the Name of Demised

What Not to Say or Do on the Loss of Pet

Death is an unreceptive incident in life and the situation is pathetic for a person who loses a loved one forever. Any negative or unwelcoming words or deed may hurt the sentiment of the bereaved, so think twice before saying or doing anything. If you really don’t know what to do and say when someone loses a pet then have a look at some helpful tips:

  • Don’t suggest your friend to purchase another pet immediately. This sounds harsh to the person who was solemnly closed to his or her pet and also shows disrespect to the pet who departed.
  • You should not say, “Stop crying”, to a pet owner who is seriously mournful after losing a pet. Remember, weeping sometimes help flush out the anguish in the heart of the bereft.
  • You should not say, “Your pet is at better place now”. Regardless of how much the pet has suffered, you cannot give an uncomforting comment which may offend your grieving friend who is shocked with the unacceptable incident.
  • Don’t force your distressed friend to get over the incident and lead a normal life. It is not an easy job to do. So, don’t expect an abrupt change from your friend.
  • Don’t make the bereft feel that it’s just the death of an animal. A pet animal is like a child to a pet owner and you cannot disregard his or her feeling by any insensitive word or behavior.   
  • “Your pet dog was really getting old and sick”, uttering such harsh words can really be hurtful for the dog owner who nourished it like a child. So, please try to act politely and don’t use the wrong words.
  • Don’t say that the pet lived for many years which is beyond expectation. You cannot judge the longevity of any living being because it’s in the hand of the Almighty. So, whether you like pets or not, don’t give such impervious comment to a bereft.
  • Don’t ignore the sorrow of your bereaved friend by thinking it was just a pet. Remember, you don’t have any right to make views. If you don’t like pets then don’t visit the friend’s house who lost a pet.

Things to Do After the Funeral of the Pet

Time passes and fades the remembrance of the pet, but a few people are unable to bear the loss for a long time. So, as a friend or relative, you may help the bereaved friend to come out from the activities with honest support.

What to do for the bereft who loses a pet after the funeral
  • Gift the friend with another newborn pet after a few months. This may not fill the place of the demised pet but certainly can act as a remedy to heal the pain.
  • Call or send a message to the mourning person every day and show how you care for him or her.
  • Try to visit his or her home and console the person.
  • Take your friend to social places like movies, shopping, parties, and dinners, so that the friend can try to forget the agony.
  • Accompany your friend with necessary activities in house and market which can help follow the normal routine in life.
  • Invite the grieving friend to your house and try to make them comfortable.
  • Involve your distressed friend to a dog charity association. This may provide solace to the heart of the survivor.
  • Involve the person with other activities like swimming gym or sports. This may help the grief-stricken to remain busy and forget the distress.

You may not take away the entire pain of the person who has just lost a beloved pet; but your polite words, behavior, and actions can definitely be soothing in the period of grief. So, apply the above-mentioned points to console your distressed friend who lost a pet.