75 Sympathy Quotes for Loss of Soul

Sympathy Quotes
By Mousumi Mazumdar Updated

More often than none you are faced with a situation in your life where you have to stand beside people in moments of despair. Whether meeting them in person or sending your love through cards and flowers, you need to bestow sympathy quotes or condolence message to them, which help them get over the severe loss they are going through, to an extent.

To help you out, we are presenting you with a list of various sympathy messages that you can use on various occasions to lift the spirits of your loved ones.

To start with, we want to suggest you that you must be extremely cautious in the message you are sending to the family and friends of the deceased. Don’t just put in a message in a piece of paper for the sake of it. Be genuine about each word that you write down because death is a sensitive subject. No one should make light of the situation here. With that being said, now take a look at some of the most heart-touching sympathy quotes for the loss of soul here.

  1.  “Prayers are the guiding light that helps overcome the sense of despair.”
  2.  “Maybe it is impossible to erase the tragic loss that you have experienced, but hopefully you will find solace by knowing that you are in our thoughts now.”
  3.  “The beautiful impressions that Mary has left behind in our hearts and mind will always be adored.”
  4.  “Let death not stand as a barrier between the connections that you shared with Martha.”
  5. “Thinking of Hannah with respect, love, and deepest sympathy.”
  6. “Love has its own way of healing the wounds that are left behind by the death of a loved one.”
  7.  “Death cannot make us forget the charming spirit of John.”
  8. “May the kindness and warmth of the gentle spirit of Emily always prevail over the fact that she is not with us anymore.”
  9.  “He may not be physically present with us, but he shall always stay omnipresent in our thoughts.”
  10.  “May you see the light of the day soon from this tunnel of dark times.”
  11. “Allow the beautiful memories to overcome the upsetting thoughts of the demise of your loved ones.”
  12. “May you find comfort in the fact that Nicole will always be remembered with love and respect.”
  13. “Cry your heart out; for the heart needs to weep to come to terms with the loss you are experiencing at this moment.”
  14. “Keeping you in our thoughts and hoping you are bearing well.”
  15. “Death makes us value the life of an individual like nothing else.”
  16. “The bond with a loved one is too strong to get evaporated by the demise of an individual.”
  17. “Let love lead the way to your recovery from the loss of Victoria.”
  18. “Beautiful memories are like chocolates. No matter what mood you are in, they will always lift your spirits, even when everything seems lost.”
  19. “Remember the years you spent together with Kevin, not the years that were taken away from you from his loss.”
  20. “May love always overwhelm the dismal moments of loss that you are feeling now.”
  21. “Love is too strong of a bond to be dismissed by the demise of an individual.”
  22.  “For those who think crying is a weakness, have not experienced true loss.”
  23. “A gentle soul like Kelly will always spread happiness wherever she goes, even if it is out of this world.”
  24. “The excruciating pain from the loss of a beautiful soul makes you prepared for the catastrophic storms that you may experience in the future.”
  25. “Laughter, tears, surprises, anger, sadness – may all the memories of David be cherished by his loved ones.”

While picking a sympathy message or a quote to be put down in the card that you are giving to the concerned person, make sure it encompasses your feelings towards the deceased person. You may find yourself in a situation where you have to send such quotes to people whom you were not close with or whom you didn’t know that well. So, you might be wondering how to post a message to them that they would find comfort in. Well, the answer is simple – Write to them in a manner you would write to one of your loved ones.

People may be different, relationships may be contrasting, situations may be distinct; but the love that people share with each other is the same worldwide. As long as you capture the love in its purest unadulterated form, you can be rest assured that the recipient of the message has gotten your well-wishes.

  1. “Be a shoulder to cry upon.”
  2. “Embrace death by realising that after death, Keith is in a better place now.”
  3. “Don’t say farewell if you don’t want to. Let Christy stay alive in your memories always.”
  4. “Don’t be upset for the years you couldn’t spend with Dan; cherish the memories that you spent with him.”
  5. “The heartache left behind by death is insurmountable, but the memories that love leaves behind can never be stolen.”
  6. “Seek peace by taking solace in the time you spent with Will.”
  7. “Coming to terms with death is painful, embracing it is even harder, but resistance to it will only cause you more pain.”
  8.  “There isn’t a sorrow that cannot be buried with the power of love.”
  9. “What seems like the end of the world right now with the demise of your loved one, is the start of their journey for a much better next life.”
  10. “Maybe the comfort of having a loved one is no more, but no one can take away from you the fact that you had a loved one.”
  11. “May only hope prevail after this dreadful period of darkness.”
  12.  “Faith and love will be the anchor that will keep you from drowning in your sorrow.”
  13. “Time will fly, the pain might go away, but memories will last forever.”
  14. “Once in a blue moon there comes a person so special in our life that they become irreplaceable.”
  15. “If you can wither this storm, everything else will be a piece of cake for you.”
  16. “Don’t let the sadness of Jack’s loss win over the happy memories that you have with him.”
  17. “Grief from the loss of a soul builds up a person in a way that happiness can seldom do.”
  18. “True companionship of family and friends are tested at times of loss.”
  19. “Pure love cannot be erased by death or separation as long as you keep your faith.”
  20. “God will only let you experience that much sorrow which he thinks you can bear.”
  21. “Sympathy is irrelevant if it is not followed by action.”
  22. “Recovery from a loss is going to restore your faith in life.”
  23. “The one solace in the loss of a loved one is that he/she/they won’t have to stay put up with this immoral world anymore.”
  24. “The storm will pass away; the rainbow shall shine, but until then, let your heart celebrate every moment spent with Natalie.”
  25. “A vulnerable state of mind is what is going to keep you sane at this tragic loss.”

Instead of picking a generic sympathy quote or condolence message, select one that embodies the relationship that you shared with the deceased person. Feel free to personalise it and make it your own. Bear in mind that the person who will read the quote is in an extremely unfortunate situation. Therefore, you need to ensure that the words that you chose are genuine and inoffensive.

You need to be wise and empathetic while relaying your support for them, yet also ensuring that the messages are not mechanical in nature because that will be an injustice to the real emotions that you are feeling and it will also fail at reflecting your real emotion to the person whom you are sending the message.

  1. “The dark clouds of anguish from the loss of your loved one will pass off to give space for the bright sunlight to shine above you soon.”
  2. “Death of a body is not the death of the memories.”
  3. “The only right way for you to mourn for someone is your way.”
  4. “The amount of loss from a loved one can never be measured, but so is the love that you felt for him/her/them.”
  5. “People come, people go; but memories will stay with you till the end of eternity.”
  6. “There is nothing like mourning less or mourning too much. It is you, and only you who can decide how much you want to mourn for the loss that you have experienced.”
  7. “Crying for your loss is natural. Don’t let anyone else tell you any different.”
  8. “Death has its own way of teaching you how to appreciate the life of your loved ones in a new way.”
  9. “Sorrow could be so blinding that you lose vision of all the happiness that is within your arm’s reach. Moments of pain are the moments you need to allow yourself to be adored, loved, and to be cared for.”
  10. “When you realize you would not make it through the next day, just remember you lost them but they haven’t lost you. You must try to live for them.”
  11. “When you mourn the loss of your loved one, think of the beauty of life around you and stop yourself from sinking into a hole of sadness.”
  12. Under the cloak of anguish is a bright piece of cloth that symbolises strength and appreciation for life. All you need to do is to wait a bit for the upper layer to reveal the inner layer.”
  13. “Dark days can seem like they are everlasting, however, the truth of the matter is that they are just like any other day. The darkness of the clouds will clear up, and you will find various reasons to stay happy.”
  14. “Don’t let anyone belittle you for weeping; you can only survive a tragic loss once you have truly felt the pain in your heart.”
  15. “Never let go of the happy and sweet memories. A loved one’s demise is not the end of the happiness you have shared together.”
  16. “No matter how long and dark the night is, the hope of dawn will break it.”
  17. “Away from sight is not equivalent to away from thoughts.”
  18. “It is never easy to grasp the loss of someone who gave you so many happy memories.”
  19. “Loss of a loved one is like digging up a well; it starts but seems like never-ending, which is why you need to pull yourself back together and live life in order to celebrate the life of the person that you have lost.”
  20. “A soul that can feel sorrow has the capability to do good.”
  21. “The trials and tribulations of this grim time will develop you in a way that you probably didn’t anticipate.”
  22. “A person of love never truly dies; he/she/they just mix up with the environment so smoothly that we can’t see them even if we try.”
  23. “When you keep the memories of a lost loved one alive in your heart, death cannot come in between you two for the most part.”
  24. “The idea behind mourning is not to forget, but to remind oneself to go on.”
  25.  “Thinking of a loved one in the past tense is tough; but if you keep him/her/them alive in your heart, he/she/they will always be present with you.”

Your inner feelings should reflect through the sympathy quote that you are imparting to the concerned person because it is very important to showcase your genuine emotions in such a time of loss.

Remember, a sympathy quote is more than just a mere arrangement of words. They evoke your deepest love that you share for someone. They are meant to console the loved ones of the deceased person. So, therefore, be sure you rely on them in moments of loss.

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