Sympathy Card Messages – What to Write in a Sympathy Card

Share affectionate sympathy card messages with letter
By Mousumi Mazumdar Updated

Have you ever thought about how to share sympathy card messages with the mourning people who lost their loved ones? Words of a condolence letter may not remove but will certainly reduce the pain of your grieving friend, coworker, teacher, neighbor or relative. Don’t hesitate from sharing sympathy notes and comfort the survivor. Your consoling words can be the reflection of the sorrow and worry for the bereaved.

Things to Consider While Creating a Sympathy Card

It is a better idea to write down the sympathy thoughts and lines with a soothing touch in a blank sheet first. After that, bring a printed page or blank card and jot down the reassuring thoughts including an additional brief note in the card. You may carry the note with a sympathy gift or a flower bouquet while visiting the crematorium. You may also send sympathy messages via email or by post if you are living far from the bereft family. Remember that your condolence note should sound heartfelt and natural which can ease the pain of the survivor and send it in a prompt time.

Tips to Write Sympathy Card Messages

A brief note can be enough to let the grieving person know your sorrow, concern, and care. You may show your sorrow and kind gesture by following a few tips for your sympathy card:

  • Begin the sympathy letter with a warm console and acknowledge the loss of the bereaved.
  • Send your prayers for the individual and the family by the sympathy note.
  • Show your worry for the bereft in the difficult period through the condolence message.
  • Add a brief and personal story about the deceased in the sympathy letter.
  • Cherish the sweet memories of the departed person in the sympathy card.
  • Praise the noble and positive deeds of the demised in your note.
  • Show the value and impact of the departed person in your life through the message.
  • Ask the bereft to remember you by call, message or email at any time.
  • Offer your help and shoulder to cry, through the letter.
  • You may add a positive closing note about how the departed person will be missed.

A Few Personal Sympathy Card Messages

The personal sympathy letters should be written in an informal way by giving a personal soothing touch. The consoling lines in the letter must show affection to the bereft in a familiar way.

Sympathy Card for Loss of Father

Filial affection does not come back if your father is no more. We are here to help you with sympathy card for the death of father. Take a look at some heartfelt sympathy card messages for the death of someone’s father.

Dear Jenny,

I am honestly sorry about the loss of your father. It will be hard for me to forget his encouraging words and support. I will really miss the family dinners and the Christmas celebration at your house. I know I cannot take away your tears, but please let me know if I can help you in any possible way.

Serene Remembrance and Sympathy,

Short Sympathy Card Messages for Father

sympathy card message for father
  1. May the memories of your father provide comfort, and bring a smile on your face.
  2. The generosity of your father was admired and praised by every person in our family. We will always miss him. Sincere Condolences.
  3. Our hearts crushed into pieces when we heard that our uncle and your father is no more.
  4. I remember, how Mr. Henry used to teach us English. Our beloved Sir and your kind father will always be in our memories. Serene Eulogy.
  5. Let the deeds and memories of your dad and our elder brother remain with us.
  6. Don’t speak with tears with the serene soul of your daddy, he loved your smile. We are always with you dear.With Love & Compassion
  7. Such a strong personality’s reminiscence will never fade because your dad was the role model of everyone. I wish for the tranquility of his Soul. With Love
  8. Our deepest compassion and condolences to you and your mom. May your dad’s soul rest in peace. Sincere Sympathy
  9. Fathers are the pillars of family, and so was Mr. Robert. I bid farewell to his noble soul. Whole-hearted Condolences
  10. Your dad was such a kind soul who always used to help others. We are shocked at his death. Sincere Eulogy. R.I.P

Sympathy Card for Loss of Mother

A mother’s love is priceless and we cannot express the sorrowful feelings that someone feels after the departure of mother. If you want to show your concern to a motherless child, then you can send a sympathy card with some wishes, as given below:

Dear Jack,

I just heard about the passing of your mom, and I want to apologize for the great loss. Her gracious smile and polite words are still engrossed in my memories. She used to accompany me while visiting the church every Sunday. The unexpected demise of such a pious soul is really hard to accept. It’s impossible to replace the void of your mother, but as an elder cousin, I promise you to be with you in every turbulent moment.

Affectionate Regards and Condolence

Short Sympathy Card Messages for Mother

sympathy card message for mother
  1. Soothing fragrances still comes from the room of your mother because she was one of the purest souls. Her early departure was not expected. Serene Remembrance
  2. I really don’t many words to say because losing mother is the most traumatic incident in life. But we are always with you. Deepest Sympathy.
  3. We know, words cannot take away your ache and sorrow for the loss of your mom, but we promise that we will hold your hand in this hard time. Heartiest Condolences. RIP
  4. We had no idea about the terrible illness of your mom which is the reason for her departure. We pray for the Solace of her soul and strength of your will power. With Love & Empathy
  5. The serene affection of a mother cannot be replaced by anything. So, I cannot say that I will be in her place, but I will try to comfort you in this turbulent period. With Love and Prayers
  6. Your mom’s kindness and love were contagious, we will really miss the noble soul. Farewell to the Journey of Heaven
  7. The pain of death of your mom cannot be healed and lovely memories of her cannot be stolen. Heartily Sympathy
  8. I know you cannot eat food properly because you cannot forget the cooked meal of your mother. Even I cannot forget that but you have to be strong for your sister. With Caring Thoughts
  9. Your incredible loss cannot be fulfilled by anything because nothing can replace a mother’s love. But her blessing is always with you.
  10. Maybe your mother is not with you now, but her blessings will always be with you. Keeping Her in Our Prayers

Sympathy Card for Husband

Life partner plays a crucial role in the life of everyone. A husband always holds the hand of his wife in good and bad times. His departure really makes her life incomplete. In that situation, if friends and relatives send condolence letter or sympathy card to the bereaved, then it may ease her pain. Here are some long and short examples of the messages in sympathy card:

Dear Riana,

I am shocked and sorrowful by the death news of your husband. I know it is the harsh truth of the destiny which is difficult to confront for you and the children. Tom was not only a good husband but a good father also, who set an excellent example for the other men in the chauvinistic society where male defines their priority as a front-runner. Your late hubby never discriminated against your son and daughter and also gave you equal rights in the family. I still remember his principle and gentle behavior. Such a noble soul should rest in peace at the arms of our Heavenly Father. I will pray for you and your children. If you need my support then please don’t hesitate to call me.

With Love and Prayers

Short Sympathy Card Messages for Husband

sympathy card message for husband
  1. The bond between husband and wife is eternal, and death cannot discord that bonding. Hopefully in next birth, he will live with you. Sincere Condolences
  2. You were lucky to have a husband like Jim, and I can see his absence that snatched all your peace and happiness. I will pray from God for your endurance power and peace. Thoughts with You
  3. Your hubby was the pillar of your family, and I know he was your heart. His early demise has tremored us. Our prayers are always with you.
  4. Not only a life partner, but George was also your best friend. His departure cannot fade the reminisces and he will be in the memory of every people in our family. With Love and Prayers
  5. John was the best father and husband. No one in your family can tell that he has not fulfilled his responsibilities for you. We all still respect your hubby John after his demise.Warm Sympathy
  6. Try to stay strong in this dark period just for your daughter. After your hubby’s death, you are everything for her. Prayers & Condolences
  7. We have never seen such gem like our brother-in-law and your husband. We all will really miss him always. Deepest Sympathy and Prayers
  8. An amazing friend, father, and husband are the roles of his life, and he fulfilled all the roles with honesty. We are deeply sorrowful by the news of his demise. With Eulogy
  9. Lovely and kind souls are dear to the Almighty, so he gave an early call to your husband, the noble soul on earth. We will miss his absence. Warmest Sympathy and Prayers
  10. Marriage was not only the way that made your bonding with your husband strong. His partial heart was always connected with your heart. Please don’t shed tears, he is there with you. Sincerest Prayers

Sympathy Card for Wife

Some events in life occur without our wish and either those are bad or good, we have to confront such incidents. Similarly, the death of wife is the worst thing in life which cannot be excepted by a loving husband. In that shattered condition, if you give a warm touch or send a sympathy card to him with console, then it may little bit ease his pain. Take a look at the messages of a sympathy card:

Dear Henry,

I am earnestly saddened and can’t express my pain after hearing the news of Stella’s demise. Her departure has snatched your dreams and aspirations from life and made you numb. She always fulfilled every responsibility to be a good life partner. Now, it is your duty to look after your daughter in her absence and pray for the salvation and solace of her soul. I know your wife is no more, but her soul is always with you and your family. She was my best friend, and I promised her to be with you and your little angel after her departure and truly, I will keep my word. God bless you.

With Sympathy

Short Sympathy Card Messages for Wife

sympathy card message for wife
  1. Your wife gave half of her life to your family and children which cannot be forgotten. She will always be missed.
  2. I was out of station for a year, but after returning when I heard the deadly news of the death of your wife, it shattered me. Wishful Prayers and Condolences
  3. Your wife was not only the best life partner, but she was the best daughter-in-law in our family. We will always miss her. RIP.
  4. Your daughter just looks like Jennifer. You will never get your wife back but her offspring is your daughter who is always with you. Please stay strong for her dear.
  5. I understand the love of a spouse cannot be replaced by anyone, but it is my solemn request to you, please don’t cry because that will hurt your wife.Thoughtful Prayers and Condolences
  6. I know that her early departure has snatched all your dreams, and you forgot how to live life. May God give you the forbearance power. Lots of Prayers & Love
  7. Your little daughter and son are in a pathetic stage now. In this situation, my prayers are for their endurance power and your strength to cope with the situation of your wife’s death.Warm Condolences
  8. The priceless love between you and your wife was the only powerful tread that tied your entire family. Her demise has made numb to the family. I pray for the peace of you and your family.With Thoughtful Prayers
  9. She was your wife, but for me, she was like a sister and a daughter. I have lost my words, and her departure is tearing my heart. Heartiest Condolences
  10. Riana was the loveliest person in our community, her absence will be missed by every neighbor. Warm Sympathy for Your Wife

Sympathy Card for Sister

The relationship between siblings is the connection between heart and blood. They may fight like tom and jerry, but their love is never-ending. It is really dreadful if a person loses his or her sister forever. A painful soul of a brother or sister cannot be relieved, but you can at least try to give comfort by sending a sympathy card to him or her. Know what to write in the sympathy card.

Dear Tom,

Merry was not only your sister but she was the best friend. You never used to hide anything from each other. Your fight was like Tom and Jerry and that entertained the other members of the family. Bella’s early demise has made me numb and speechless. I really don’t to how to bid goodbye to such a little girl who had just started her life. And the lifespan deceased her without any notice and took her to another world. I can understand that deep scars in your heart are hard to be healed and space cannot be filled by anyone. But remember, my support is always with you, just recall me whenever you want.

Hearty Condolences to Bella,

Short Sympathy Card Messages for Sister

sympathy card message for sister
  1. Your elder sister was like your mother. She played every role for you and your brother. Your eulogy for her will be your smile, so please don’t shed tears at her funeral. With Love & Concern
  2. I know you are feeling like a childless father because your younger sister was like your daughter. But trust me your pain will give more discomfort to her soul. Please happily bid farewell to her. Warmest Condolences
  3. It is really hard to accept the loss of a sibling, and we know that she was half part of your soul. Her body is diminished, but her soul is still with you. Prayers for the Little Soul
  4. Rosie’s unexpected death is shocking news for us, and we still cannot believe this from our ears. But we cannot fight with our destiny, so please try accept the tragic truth. Sincere Sympathy
  5. Your sis was also like my sister, and her absence has made our life colorless. It is really not possible to forget her, but I bid farewell to her in the path of peace. Sincere Prayers
  6. Merry was your sister, but she was also my best friend. I still cannot forget her smile for me. With Remembrance
  7. Please take care of your parents at this time because they have lost their daughter as you have lost your sister. Solemn Sympathy
  8. The sudden passing of your sister is unacceptable for everyone. We are really helpless to stop this cruel fate. She is in our daily prayers. RIP. Sincere Condolences
  9. I pray to our Heavenly Father for the peace of our niece and your sister’s soul. Hope she gets the best afterlife. Amen!
  10. I cannot take her place, but I am also like your sister. Please don’t cry bro, I am there with you. Lots of Love

Sympathy Card for Brother

For some brothers and sisters, their brothers are like their father and for others, their brothers are like sons. So, losing a brother can make them lifeless, but we cannot fight with bad fate. If you want to reduce the pain of a person who has lost his or her brother, then you can send a condolence message with the help of a sympathy card by praying for their peace.

Dear Clara,

We are shocked after reading the email of the unexpected demise of your Elder brother. He was not only the pride of your dad but also played the role of a protector for you and other sisters. I always reminisce about his fight with a random boy who used to tease you in your school days. You were lucky to have a brother like him. Along with you, I and my family are mournful with the accidental death of George. Just want to give you a warm hug little sister. I will really miss brother George.

Lots of Love and Care,

Short Sympathy Card Messages for Brother

sympathy card message for brother
  1. Please accept my deep sympathy for the loss of your younger brother. His noble deeds will be always missed in our society. Heartfelt Condolences
  2. We know that you and your brother were very close to each other, and it is impossible to accept his departure. My only request for you is to look at the pathetic condition of your family. You can only be with your parents during this tough time. Love and Remembrances
  3. Losing a brother is the toughest situation in life. I can understand your awful condition. I hope God gives you the power to bear the loss. Solemn Condolences
  4. I am deeply saddened by the departure of your brother. Some of his paintings are on the wall of our house. He will be always in my memory. Deepest Empathy & Condolences
  5. Mark was not only your brother, but he was like my brother also. His demise is really a painful incident. Soulful Condolences
  6. Death does not knock our doors, and that happened with our brother Thomas. It is really a shocking incident in our life. Farewell to our Little Bro
  7. Losing such a father-like brother from life is the saddest thing you have ever got in life. I can feel your pain, that is why I pray for the peace of you and your family.
  8. Your brother lost his life for the sake of our country, and I respect that brave soul. Deep Prayers and Condolences
  9. May the guardian angel in the way of paradise guide your little brother Ken and provide a new life to him. Amen!
  10. Please try to be strong because your mom cannot bear the loss of your brother. Solemn Prayers for the Family

Sympathy Card for Grandfather

Lucky are those who have got the love of their forefather and grandfather. Some grandsons and granddaughters deprived of their love if they lose their grandparents before their birth. A grandfather is the dense shade of a big tree that protects the people who are taking shelter under it. His demise really snatches the serene shade from the head of the grandchildren. Your compassionate gesture and warm hug can reduce the pain of the grandchildren. You may get idea by having look at the examples of sympathy card messages.

Dear Peter,

I know the root of your family is shaken with the demise of your grandfather. He was the role model for me and my father. I have learned ethics and honesty from him. It is truly tough to show you the oozing anguish of my heart by hearing the deadly news. The kind words and lessons of grandpa will always be engrossed in my mind. I still can’t believe that he was enjoying it with us last Christmas. I really cannot bear your pain. His virtuous remembrance will always be with me.

Earnest Apology and Sympathy,

Short Sympathy Card Messages for Grandfather

sympathy card message for grandfather
  1. Your grandpa was the role model for every person in your apartment. We will never forget him. With Respect & Eulogy
  2. I know that you were very close to your grandfather, and his departure has made you numb like this. I would like to pray for the peace of your mind. Take Care, Heartily Prayers
  3. Really, I am unable to find out words in this pathetic situation. Your grandpa was like my uncle, and I cannot forget his face and words. Lots of Prayer. RIP!
  4. We know that grandparents never live for the entire life with us but the absence of your grandfather is unacceptable because it is a sudden incident. Our prayers are always with you dear.With Respect & Eulogy
  5. Sorry for the loss of our fatherly figure and your grandfather. His words are still in my heart. Heartily Condolences
  6. Our deepest condolences to you and your sister for losing your grandpa. We will miss him. In Reminiscences
  7. A human being may go but their memories never fade. Your granddad’s remembrances are always in our hearts. Condolences to the Pure Soul
  8. We are sorrowful by hearing the news of the departure of your grandfather. Warmest Sympathy
  9. I can understand your current situation and the pathetic condition of your mind. I will pray for you and your grandmom. Solemn Condolences
  10. Anything cannot relief you from the pain of the demise of your grandpa, but your granny’s condition is going to the worst stage. Please take care of her. With Prayers

Sympathy Card for Grandmother

Elderly people are the roots of every family. Their sudden departure acts as a curse in life. For a grandchild, his or her grandmother is like a glass of cold water in scorching dry heat. For some grandchildren, grannies are more like their parents. Losing a grandmother is such a terrible incident in life. You cannot take away the pain of such grandchildren, but you can at least try to reduce it by sending a compassionate sympathy card with some condoling notes or letter given below:

Dear Diana,

I am terribly sorry about the demise of your grandmother. She was the serene shade for the family. Her storytelling at night and enchanting Bible at every morning cannot be forgotten by us. I still can hear her giggling laughter, and imagine her bright eyes, silver hairs, and also feel her warm hugs. She was your granny but never differentiated us. I know her blessing is always with us and I owe my respect and love to the pure soul. May God help you to act bravely in this difficult period and hold your family. This unexpected news has stunned me, but still, I will hold your hand in this dark phase of life. Please let me stand with your family.

With Love and Hugs,

Short Sympathy Card Messages for Grandmother

sympathy card message for grandmother
  1. I pray for your endurance power from the Almighty for the departure of your grandma. I wish this hard time passes soon.
  2. Your grandma’s passing is shocking news for everyone, and we are still in shock. Don’t know what to say, just know we are always with you in rough and tough times. Sincere Condolences
  3. Sending you the favorite flowers of your granny may not ease your pain, but it may bring a petite smile on your face. Please let me know what to do in this turbulent period.
  4. Your granny never made differences between any children in our school, which is the reason that we all respect her a lot. She will be always missed. Heartily Condolences
  5. The presence of the kind and sweet lady is still felt by us because her body is no more; her soul is still blessing her. Serene Prayers & Love
  6. She was not only your grandmom, but she was like my mother also. Trust me, her sudden demise has made me lifeless.
  7. Your cradle and baby walker were bought by your grandmother. Her presence made you learn walking and lullaby made you sleep. I know it is impossible for you to stay strong this time. Prayer for the Peace
  8. Please support your mom and dad in this pathetic time. They are shattered by the demise of your granny. Sincere Condolences
  9. May God give you the power to bear the pain of the loss of your grandmother. Amen!
  10. We solemnly pray for the peace of the pious soul of your grandmother. Warm Condolences    

Sympathy Card for Child

Every parent wants to go to the grave in front of their son or daughter, but it is the most tragic thing to carry the coffin of their children to grave. In that situation, there is really nothing to say, but you can try to be with the painful souls who lost their child. Here are some examples of sympathy card messages for the loss of a child.

Dear Annie,

The dreadful news has traumatized me, dear sister. I really don’t believe that our little princess is no more. I really can feel your pain for losing a daughter but trust me, as an aunt, I am also in a grief-stricken condition. I just want to pray for the tranquility and salvation of our little Julia. Death has played a very cruel game by engulfing a new-born life and making her parents lifeless. I know my words are not enough to heal your agony, but please let me and my husband know how we can help you in this mournful situation.

With Love Dear Sister,

Short Sympathy Card Messages for Child

sympathy card message for child
  1. It is unacceptable for a mother to see her child in a death bed. There are really no words to relief your pain. I will pray for the solace of your daughter’s soul.
  2. Please don’t cry, your tears will make the path of the departure of your son’s soul more difficult. Let him go happily to the lap of the Almighty. Lots of Prayers
  3. It was the beginning of the life of the little angel, but the cruel fate made her silent forever. We can’t complain about the decision of our Heavenly Father, but just want to pray for her solace. Heartily Sympathy
  4. Staying away from a part of your body is just like staying from your child. I understand the pain very well. Our prayers are always with you. Warm Condolences
  5. Although my words cannot ease the pain of losing your child, I will try to do every possible thing that you need now. Solemn Sympathy
  6. Extending deepest sympathy for the early demise of your son. May God provide peace to the little soul. Amen!
  7. I can understand your present condition, but our Almighty will give a happy and peaceful birth to Ana. Thoughts & Prayers
  8. Cherish the memories of the happy moments you have spent with our son, and smile will naturally come on your face. God’s blessing is always with the pure soul of your son. Whole-Hearted Condolences
  9. Our words are not adequate to express our hidden pain for the early demise of Julia. Your daughter will always be missed. Thoughtful Sympathy
  10. Jack was the brightest student in our school. Her departure is not acceptable. Still, let’s truly pray for your son’s soul.

Sympathy Card for Best Friend

A friend plays lots of roles in our life because we cannot share the happy and sad moments of life with anyone if he or she is not our close friend. Life completely shatters when the forbidding fate snatches our friend forever from our life. It is not possible to tell a friend to stay strong who has lost one of his closest buddies from his life. However, you can provide comfort to his or her pain by sending some sympathy card messages which can act as a balm to terrible pain.

Dear Margarette,

I’d like to send my hearty condolence on the decease of your best friend Paula. She and her sister often visited our house and her jovial nature was liked by my mom also. It is really not easy to forget a friend like her. Her sweet memories will never get eloped from our hearts. I really regret your loss dear. I know it is the time to bid goodbye to Paula, but bid her farewell by pleading for the salvation of the soul to God. Whenever you feel isolated, just give me a call or visit my house.

Your Friend,

Short Sympathy Card Messages for Best Friend

sympathy card message for best friend
  1. I cannot stop my tears for Eva. She was your best friend but also my favorite student. Just pray for the tranquility of her soul. Heartful Tears & Condolences
  2. I cannot take the place of your best friend, Jack, but I will definitely try to be with you whenever you will need me. Lots of prayer for the peace of Jack’s soul.
  3. I solemnly pray to God to help you bear the pain of the early demise of your best friend. Both of you were very close, and it is very hard to accept his ultimate departure. Prayer for Forbearance
  4. Despite the physical absence of Robert, his soul is watching over you, and it is feeling more ache by seeing tears in your eyes. Please wipe your tears and let’s pray for the solace of your friend’s soul. Warmest Sympathy & Prayer
  5. No one can understand you like Lily because she was the only friend who knew everything about you. I know her absence is tearing you from inside. I am just praying for your power of endurance. With Love & Condolences
  6. I have never imagined that your best friend Thomas has to leave us forever at this age. Words cannot express my deep pain. With Warm Remembrance
  7. The fond memories of Jenifer are deep in the shore of our hearts. You lost a best friend, but we lost the sincerest child of our colony. May God provide peace to her. Solemn Condolences
  8. I cannot be your best friend, but as a sister, I will try be your closest friend. Ken was dearest to me also, but it is time to wipe tears and pray for his peace. Lots of Love & Prayers
  9. A close friend can only understand the pain of losing his best buddy, which you are feeling after the demise of Peter. Please don’t bid farewell to him by crying. Your smiling face will be the best eulogy to him. Solemn Sympathy
  10. Our kind God will caress your best friend Tom with lots of love in Paradise. Prayers for the Peace of his Soul      

Sympathy Card for a Friend Who Lost a Pet

Animals can be your closest friend than human beings because they will be always with you when no one will be with you. They are not only loyal but sometimes they act as guide, philosophers and friends for you. Losing them is like losing a child. If someone has lost his or her pet forever, then you may not take him or her out from that pain, but you can ease the ache by your soothing words.

Dear Thomas,

I am really shocked after hearing the death news of Sniffy. She was a cute and lovely cat. I still remember her soft coat and friendly behavior with me. Her absence will always be felt by you and your dad. May her soul rest in peace. Amen!

Lots of Love

Short Sympathy Card Messages for Pet

sympathy card message for pet
  1. Beasts are teachers of the beauty of the world nowadays. Your pup was also one of them who has taught lots of things before passing. Her absence will always be painful. Sympathy with Sorrow
  2. Puffy was truly like your son because he always cared for you. I understand that it is really not easy to forget him, but try to relish his best memories in your heart. Heartily Condolences
  3. Stop blaming yourself because you tried a lot to save the life of your pet kitten. Her disease was life-threatening, but she was really lucky to be your family member. Try to pray for her salvation.
  4. Your slimy Goldfish will always be missed. Her absence has made the fish world terribly sad. With Remembrance
  5. Clara was not a simple parrot, but she was like your daughter. Her early demise has really saddened me.
  6. We know that if you have never made differences between your son, Tonie and your puppy. His demise has made you numb. I can’t say much because I am also feeling sorrowful in this situation. Solemn Prayer and Condolences
  7. No other cat will be such cute and adorable like Emma. She was dearest to every family member and guests including me. Always in Remembrance
  8. Angela was the brightest pet fish in your aquarium, her departure has dimmed the aquatic world. I will pray for the peace of her soul. Sorrowful Condolences
  9. It is was not only a mouse, but it was the heart of your mom. Please try to comfort her because she cannot accept the loss of your pet mouse. Lots of Prayers
  10. Tommy was an amazing watch-dog for whom your safety was the priority. Today his departure has saddened us so much that I can’t express. Warm Sympathy & Love

Some Sympathy Letters for Formal Purpose

The formal sympathy letters are generally written by addressing a person who is officially related to you. These notes must be brief and personal connotations should be avoided in the card.

Sympathy Card for Boss

Sending condolence messages or sympathy cards is never an easy act when you are sending the condolence note for the demise of your boss because he or she is not only the pillar of your office but also a role model or a mentor for you. So, losing a person is the most pathetic incident in your life. When you are speechless and confused to send a sympathy letter for his demise, these messages may help you in sending condolence cards.

Dear Mrs. Brown,

We are earnestly sorrowful for the accidental departure of our boss, Mr. Ethan Brown. Our profound sympathies are with you during this mournful moment. I have never seen such a noble employer in any organization. He treated us like his children rather than employees. The accidental loss has adversely affected the enterprise and the staff. We learned lots of things from Mr. Brown. His encouraging support and dedication will always be missed. We will fulfill his dreams for the company by working hard and this will be our tribute to our boss. Please know that you and your family are in our prayers.

Sincere Condolences,
Entire Team of the GHY Enterprise

Short Sympathy Card Messages for Boss

sympathy card message for boss
  1. We were honored that we got a mentor like our boss. His early demise is really unacceptable. With Thoughts & Prayers
  2. This is our misfortune that a great heart has stopped beating. We are really sorrowful about the demise of our boss, Mr. Brown. Warm Condolences.
  3. It is really shocking to hear about the demise of our boss, Mr, Henry. I met him last Saturday, and can’t believe that he is no more. Prayers for the Solace of the soul
  4. We are truly sorrowful by hearing the sudden departure of Mr. David. Sincere Condolences
  5. Please try to be strong, Mrs. Swan. You have to take care of our organization and the entire family now. The sudden death of Mr. Swan is really unacceptable. Prayers for Salvation of the Soul
  6. I hope that our Almighty will provide the power to bear this pathetic condition in this turbulent period when our boss is no more among them. Solemn Prayers
  7. I cannot forget his kindness on the entire team of our organization. The owner of the company Mr. Peter will always remain in our hearts. Heartily Condolences
  8. I still cannot believe that our boss has departed last night. This news has really saddened me and other staffs.
  9. We will pray for the peace of your family, Mrs. Pattinson. Our boss, Mr Pattinson will always be missed. Heartily Remembrance & prayers
  10. I can’t express my pain with my words, but our departed boss is always in our prayers. Amen! Warm Sympathy

Sympathy Card for Co-worker

A co-worker is not only your friend but he or she is also like your sibling. Therefore, it is really very hard to share any condolence message or sympathy note after his demise to his family. However, some messages may help you in sending a condolence message to the family of your co-worker.

Dear Mr. Jones and Mrs. Jones,

We are traumatized and mournful for the demise of your daughter and our co-worker Sophia Jones. She was the mastermind of our development team in the organization. Her talents and skills were always praised by the staff and managers of the company. Her unexpected decease is a great loss for our enterprise. We are truly sorry for your loss. Please let us know if we can help your family in any possible aspect. It will be an honor for us to stand with you in this period of grief.

With Grave Sympathies,
Staffs of the Wisdom Solutions

Short Sympathy Card Messages for Co-Worker

sympathy card message for employee
  1. Andrew was one of the favorite employees in our development team, and his sudden demise has saddened us. Please let us know if we can help you in any possible way.
  2. I am deeply sorrowful for the loss of your brother. Your elder brother was my best friend, and we are speechless to express our compassion.
  3. Our thoughts are always with you and your family. We will miss our accountant Jim forever. May God provide salvation to his soul. Whole-Hearted Condolences
  4. These white flowers are the connotation of peace. We pray for the peace of the soul of Mr. Adams. With Eulogy
  5. We are deeply in pain because of the early demise of our HR, Miss Angelina. Her kindness will always be remembered. With Regards. GYC Team
  6. May our compassionate thoughts embrace you. We will be happy to help you in any situation you need us.Warmest Sympathy
  7. Miss. Kate was like a family member in our company. Her demise has completely made us grief-stricken.
  8. Please know that Mrs. Wiseley will always be in our prayers. Her desk will let us remember every moment. Sorrowful Sympathy
  9. It is not in our hands to stop sad incidents like death. But coping up with this incident is not possible. We pray for your forbearance power and God’s grace on you. Wishing You Peace
  10. Jonathan was not my co-worker; he was like my brother. His death has really saddened me a lot. My Deepest Condolences 

Sympathy Card for Employee from Boss

For the owner of an organization, every employee plays an important role and losing a single employee is hard to accept by the owner. It is really not easy to send sympathy cards and write condolence messages by a boss for his or her employees. However, some examples may help and owner of a company to write condolence notes in a sympathy card.

Dear Mr. Wilson,

I am deeply saddened by the death news of Jacob and I would like to extend my sincere sympathy for your son on behalf of the director of IGA. Your son was highly respected by other employees and managers of the organization. People used to regard him as a visionary leader. Jacob’s contribution and dedication to the organization from 18 years will be remembered forever. I would like to contribute a little sum on his name and it will be an honor if you accept it. I pray for the solace of his honest soul. Heartily sympathy for the loss of your son and the best employee of our company.

Edgar Hamilton
Director of IGA

Short Sympathy Card Messages for Employee from Boss of the Organization

sympathy card message for boss
  1. Sympathies and empathies can’t reduce your pain. That is why I will pray for the serenity of the soul of my employee, Edward. Whole-Hearted Prayers   
  2. Mr. William was one of the oldest employees in our organization. His sad departure has shocked me. I will pray for the tranquility of his soul. Serene Prayers
  3. Please don’t hesitate to call me or the management of our organization. We will try from our end to help you in this pathetic period of the demise of Jim.
  4. We can’t reduce your pain, but the management wants to provide financial help to the family of our late employee, Charles. Please accept our little contribution.With Eulogy
  5. Along with your family, our company is also going through a difficult time after the demise of Sam. His hard works will be always appreciated.Sorrowful Condolences
  6. Our team and the management of RSS are deeply saddened by the early demise of our best employee, Mr. Kipling. His noble works and behavior will always be remembered.With Remembrance
  7. Your son was not only an employee, but he was also the gem of our company. You cannot imagine what we have lost today. The management of the company is deeply sorrowful. Solemn Condolences
  8. Your husband was a valuable asset to my company. His demise shattered me and the team. Warmest Sympathy
  9. I am deeply in pain for losing my employee Mrs. Jessica. I pray for the salvation of her soul. Solemn Condolences
  10. My thoughts and prayers are always with your family. The efforts of our employee Rudyard cannot be forgotten.With Prayers

Sympathy Card for Principal

The principal is a mentor, leader, and management of a school and college. In his or her absence, nothing can disorganize the regulations and work of a school or an organization. Therefore, it is really hard to bid farewell to the person and send condolence letter or sympathy card for his demise. Still, we have tried to provide some examples, which may help you sending sympathy note to the family of your principal.

Dear Mrs. Williams and the Family,

We are honestly mournful with the sad news of the passing of Mr. David Thompson, the honorable principal of St. Joseph School. His noble thoughts and ethics were the best lessons for the teachers and students at our school. It is not only your loss but the forfeiture of the entire school. Every staff and student of the institution are praying for the peace and salvation of the great soul who taught us how to live life and make correct choices. His gratitude will never be forgotten.

Our Deepest Condolences and Prayers 
Teachers, Staffs, and Students
St. Joseph School

Short Sympathy Card Messages for Principal

sympathy card message for principal
  1. The demise of our principal is the loss of the forfeiture of our college. She will be in our prayers and thoughts.
  2. The sudden demise of our principal, Father Thomas has shocked the entire students and teachers of St. Andrew School. His noble works and mentorship are not easy to forget. Respectful Condolences
  3. It is never easy to say goodbye to a noble soul like Mrs. Frost. Along with a great principal, she was a good mentor for every teacher and student. Serene Farewell
  4. Please don’t cry Miss Pierre, you have lost an elder brother, but we have lost the most import person who was the authority of our college. Mr. Pierre will be strongly missed. Compassionate Condolences
  5. Really sorry to hear the sad news of the decease of the principal of your school. Sympathy & Prayer
  6. We are solemnly sorrowful with the demise of Sir Peter, the honorable principal of our school.Serene Condolences and Prayers. Staffs & Students of St. Williams School
  7. Please accept our condolence for the tragic and sudden demise of our Principal.
  8. The shocking news of the demise of our principal has snatched our peace from the last night. I really don’t know what to say, but I just know that he is always in our memory and prayers. Solemn Remembrance & Condolences
  9. We can’t show our deepest pain. There are fewer words to speak at this moment.
  10. Heartily Condolences Our school will always remember how our principal has fulfilled his every duty and how he uses to guide the teachers and the students. His demise is really painful for us.

Sympathy Card for Professor

A teacher or mentor is someone who taught us lots of things in our life. Different lessons of a teacher help us in learning various fundamentals and principles. Our life would have been incomplete if they were not with us to help us. It is really pathetic to bid farewell to a teacher and professor or send a sympathy card with a condolence message. However, we have given some examples, which you can use while sending a condolence letter.

Dear Miss. Patterson

It’s really pathetic to learn about the early demise of our professor, Mr. Richard Patterson. He will be missed by every student in the college including me. No one was as good as Richard sir. His moral lessons and noble works will always be appreciated by us after his departure. May the soul of your father and our professor rest in peace. RIP.

With Warm Regards and Prayers,
Students of POG University

Short Sympathy Card Messages for Professor/Teacher

sympathy card messages for professor
  1. The cruel death has snatched our respected professor, Mr. Smith from us. We pray for the peace and serenity of the soul.
  2. We wish the guardian angel guide our English teacher, Miss Rosie in the path of Paradise, just like she used to guide us in every essential thing related to life and education. Amen!
  3. Death may take the body of our cricket coach, but his noble soul is eternal forever. Heartily Condolences
  4. One day our respected sir was with us, today after his departure we will give our best to support his family.
  5. It is sorrowful that our mentor is no more among us. We are solemnly in sorrowful condition. Serene Condolences
  6. We have learned discipline, dedication, and punctuality by our professor of Social Studies. His sudden demise has snatched the meaning of life from us. Sorrowful Condolences
  7. I am really saddened by the tragic news of the departure of the professor of your college, Miss Eva. Her bright smile is still in my eyes. Deepest Sympathy
  8. Our university really needs an English professor like Mr. John. He was a favorite of every student and lecturer. His demise brought tears in the eyes of every person in the university. Prayers & Remembrance
  9. The dedicated tutorship of my brother’s music teacher has made my brother a good singer. Our family members cannot forget his help. He is always in our prayers. Solemn Sympathy
  10. The physical absence of our dance teacher cannot fade her reminisces. We always pray for the salvation of her soul.Amen!

Sympathy Card for Student

For a teacher, a student plays a very important role in his or her life because teachers guide their students like their children. So, it is very tough for a mentor to send a condolence letter for the departure of a student. Here we have given some examples which may help you in sending sympathy notes for the decease of a student.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Carver,

We are shocked and grief-stricken after the demise of Alice Carver, the top student of the ninth standard. St. Gabriel. It is really tough to find such a gem student nowadays. She was not only best in academics, but also in other activities like sports, music, and dance. Such a talented child will always remain in our hearts. Her early departure is really unaccepted by us and we can understand your pain. Please recall if you need any help from us; it will be a pleasure. May God bless the child. Amen!

Wholehearted Sympathy
Principal and Teachers
St. Gabriel School

Short Sympathy Card Messages for Student

sympathy card for student
  1. I cannot take the place of his mother but seriously he was like my son. I have never made any differences between my son and him. Destiny played a harsh game with me by snatching my student from me.
  2. Sherry was the brightest student in my class, and she was very close to me. I really cannot bear the pain of her early decease. Sorrowful Condolences
  3. Words of compassion are very less because I am speechless at this moment. I miss Patrick a lot because he was more like my child than a student. Heartily Sympathy
  4. I have never thought that I have to write this sympathy card for the demise of my little student. May God helps her rest in peace. Lots of Prayers
  5. Kathleen was the sincere student of our college. Her departure has made everyone dumb. We pray for her salvation. Amen!
  6. No other students in our class were such obedient like Harry. I am really numb on his early decease.
  7. Each student in our school is the pearl of God in oysters. Today we lost a bright pearl forever.Sorrowful Condolences
  8. Your daughter will always be missed in our college. She will be in our reminiscence and love forever.
  9. So sorry to hear the tragic departure of Liana.Sincere Sympathy
  10. She was not only a good student but she was also humble in nature. The empty seat in the class will always make us think about her.

Sympathy Card for Community Leader

Community leaders act like parents and take care of society in every possible aspect. His or her demise makes a society leaderless and many works are also stuck. You need to send respectful sympathy card for the departure by following some examples given below:

Dear Mrs. Howard,

We are sorry to learn about the unexpected death of Mr. Howard. For the last 5 years, he was the best community leader and associate in our housing colony. We have no words to express our sympathy for the great loss of an associate and leader of the community. He was not only a good administrator but also a good member of our society. We are earnestly distressed for your loss. It will be an honor if you and your family allow us to contribute any support from our side for the crematorium.

Heartfelt Regards,
Members of Housing Colony

Short Sympathy Card Messages for Community Leader

sympathy card message for community leader
  1. Our societal regulations were made with discipline, and our problems were also solved by Mr. Andrew. We will really miss such a community leader forever.
  2. We are really feeling sorry for the uncertain decease of Mr. Brown.Sorrowful Condolences
  3. Without the consent of our community leader, Mrs. Gagnon, no works in society were done, but today no one is standing in her place to show us the correct way.
  4. We cannot do anything, but we can pray for the serenity of the soul of our late secretary of the apartment.Solemn Sympathy
  5. Miss Martin used to guide the members in our society like her family members. I really cannot believe that she is no more. Lots of Prayers for Her
  6. Not only our society, but our neighbor community members are also deeply saddened for the sudden departure of Mr. Caprio
  7. My thoughts and prayers are always for your family and for our late secretary, Mr, Miller.Amen!
  8. Usually, leaders of the community are strict, but our community leader was an image of peace. His soul should also rest in peace after demise. RIP.
  9. We are deeply in pain for the loss of your brother. He was not only the secretary but the mentor of the community.
  10. A negative ambiance in the ambiance of our apartment is felt after the decease of our secretary of the apartment.Prayers for his Solace   

It is not necessary to write aesthetic flowery words in a sympathy letter. The main things to be included in a condolence letter are care, console, concern, empathy, and love. The above examples may give you a clear idea to write sympathy card messages.